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Some companies start small and are able to grow very quickly. In the process, many often lose the vision and spirit that created their success. At Icetech, we're not letting that happen.

Our Mission: Has a dual purpose. One (1) as a cutting edge emerging science research  firm, specializing in scientific research, laboratory testing, training, life science product, research and equipment sales and support.

Icetech's second primary mission is to serve as a hub, for the communities ongoing efforts in the areas of empowerment, economic and social development.20 Year Anniversary

The integration of these two components allows Icetech to serve as a role model, a innovator and catalyst, assisting in the continual growth of the community it serves.

Icetech started as a small, exciting company. We've grown quickly, and continue to be a strong and a growing presence. Unlike many other companies, however, we're dedicated to keeping the entrepreneurial spirit that forged our vision. We're building a well-oiled, efficient machine that introduces, strengthens and extends products and brands that solve your problems. And we're fueling that machine with vision, ideas and quality — everything we started with and everything you’ve come to expect from us.

We've worked very hard to get where we are, and are working even harder to realize our vision. We're great at what we do — evaluating, networking and marketing innovative products. We have the necessary resources — the people, the ideas, the financial health and the business partners — to reach the next level of growth. We believe we're unstoppable and look forward to proving it.

Welcome to the world of Icetech. We think you'll like what you see.